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Pick-up and delivery orders only

Minimum Charges Applies



Maximum room size 150 Sqft.

Living/Dining Room Count As 2 Room


Have 3 ROOMS HALL and 12 STAIRS beautifully clean-$189.95
                                                                               Regular Price $219.95                                                       


Have 2 ROOMS and HALL beautifully clean-$149.95

            Regular Price $199.95                                                                    






Have your SOFA  and Chair beautifully clean - $149.95        

                                                                                    Regular Price $179.95



Have your SOFA and LOVESEAT beautifully clean -$179.95

                                                                                                 Regular Price $199.95    


Loose Back Cushions Extra.


Have your Area Rug Beautifully Cleaned and RESTORE

Free pick-up & Delivery                       Bonus...........................No  HST Sale    


Have your Leather SOFA and Chair beautifully clean and Condition-$159.95                                                                                                           

Regular Price $179.95   


Have your Drapery and Blind Beautifully Cleaned

Our ultrasonic cleaning process will thoroughly clean your Venetians, Verticals, Silhouettes or Pleated Shade



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